Prints Judge: Mike Fuller

Projected Image Judge: Paul Radden LRPS, DPAGB, EFIAP, PSA2


The Oscar

Best Monochrome print of the Year
Donated by Hubert Thompson ARPS, APAGB
Baker Street by David Weller

The Patience Trophy

Best Colour Print of the Year
Donated by Joe Patience Esq
Chalkwell Sunset by Andrew Kenyon

The Linda Trophy

Best Projected Image of the Year
Donated by Linda Hurst, APAGB
Feeling Small by Keith Simpson

The Maurice Tarbuck Trophy

Best Portrait in the Competition
Donated by Mrs Tarbuck
Emotional Scars by Paul Warburton

The Chequers Trophy

Beginner of the Year
Donated by Major Claude Hill
Mark Stennett


Judge: Mike Fuller

Section 1 – (no previous award) – Monochrome Print

The Tally Ho Cup

1st   David Weller – Looking Back
2nd  Mark Stennett – Five Points West
3rd   Mark Stennet – All That Jaz
H/C  David Weller – Scarlet
H/C   Mark Stennet – The Eye

Section 2 – (no previous award) – Colour Print – Landscape / Seascape / Architecture

The Sunningdale Trophy

1st  Mark Stennett – South Bank Vista
2nd  Mark Stennett – Pultney Weir
3rd   David Weller – Prospect Cottage
H/C  Gareth Evans – Gondolas
H/C   David Weller – Suffolk Church

Section 3 – (no previous award) – Colour Print – Any subject not covered by Section 2

The Percy French Trophy

1st  Mark Stennett – Cheetah
2nd  David Weller – The Eyes have it
3rd   Karen Glanville – Empire State of Signs
H/C   Jill Gordon – On Your Bike
H/C   Mark Stennett – High Roller

Section 4 – Monochrome Print – Portrait or Figure

The Shire Cup

1st  Paul Warburton – Emotional Scars
2nd  Paul Warburton – Anita
3rd   Paul Burton – Misadventure
H/C   Keith Fenton – Steve
H/C   David Weller – Steve

Section 5 – Monochrome Print – Landscape or Seascape

The Richard Dartnall Trophy

1st  David Weller – On the Rocks
2nd  Andrew Kenyon – Pier Beyond
3rd  David Weller – Halcyon Days
H/C  Paul Overall – Brent Geece Landing for Breakfast
H/C   Phil Stepney – The Tree  

Section 6 – Monochrome Print – Architecture or Architectural Feature

The Regency Cup

1st  David Weller – Baker Street
2nd  Steve Rowe – Valencia
3rd  Andrew Kenyon – Outpost
H/C  David Weller – It’s Time
H/C   Paul Overall – Drive Shaft Room, Great Bircham Windmill

Section 7 – Monochrome Print – Any Subject not in sections 4, 5 or 6

The Rochford Cup

1st   Richard Swinscoe – Fork Handles
2nd  David Weller – Frosted Flowers
3rd  Richard Swinscoe – Stepping Up
H/C David Weller – Thistle
H/C Paul Overall – Winter Thistles
H/C Andrew Kenyon – Lone Rider
H/C Paul Warburton – Tommy  

Section 8 – Colour Print – Portrait or Figure

The Colour Portrait Trophy

1st  David Lodge – Indian Sweepers
H/C   Ron Willis – Steam Train Snooze

Section 9 – Colour Print – Landscape or Seascape

The Edith Leigh Trophy

1st  Andrew Kenyon – Chalkwell Sunset
2nd  Richard Swinscoe – Beast From The East
3rd  Richard Swinscoe – The Shining Path
H/C  David Weller – Shipwreck
H/C   Andrew Kenyon – A Long Walk
H/C   Phil Stepney – Portland Head Light

Section 10 – Colour Print – Natural History

The Alan Waters Trophy

1st  Paul Overall – The Pollenator
2nd  Paul Warburton – Regal Stare
3rd  Phil Stepney – Caught You
H/C  Keith Fenton – Calla Lilly
H/C   David Weller – Otters
H/C   Janet Harper – Peruvian Lily

Section 11 – Colour Print – Sport

The Print Sport Trophy

1st  Richard Swinscoe – High Scoring Move
H/C  Andrew Kenyon – Different Strokes

Section 12 – Colour Print – Any Subject not in sections 8,9 ,10 or 11

The Ely Bowl

1st  Keith Fenton – Magician and the Bard
2nd  Richard Swinscoe – Duck
3rd  David Lodge – Called for Prayer
H/C David Weller – Cheeky
H/C   Andrew Kenyon – Many Moons
H/C   I.S.S. Fly-by

Section 13 – PANEL

The Jodie Hughes Award

1st  Janet Harper – Mountain Bike Race
H/C   Linda Paul – Look at Her – Posing for the Camera Again
H/C   Janet Harper – Columbian Orchids


Judge: Paul Radden LRPS, DPAGB, EFIAP, PSA2

Section 1 – (no previous award) – Projected Portrait or Figure

The Grayston Trophy

1st  Keith Simpson – Feeling Small
2nd   Keith Simpson – On the Up
3rd   Tracey Lane – Richard
H/C   David Weller – Halloween Fashion
H/C   Keith Simpson – Naughty But Nice

Section 2 – (no previous award) – Projected Landscape or Seascape

The Club Trophy

1st  David Weller – The London Eye
2nd  Keith Simpson – Next Stop… Rotterdam!
3rd  Mark Stennett – Royal Clipper at Anchor
H/C  Jill Gordon – Grand Canal
H/C   Mark Stennett Namib Naukluft Park
H/C   David Weller – London in the Rain

Section 3 – Projected Portrait or Figure

The Bill Paul Trophy

1st  Paul Murgatroyd – A Quick Stroll in St James
2nd  Richard Swinscoe – Zarpo and his Other hat
3rd  Paul Warburton – The Captive
H/C   Chris Lawrence – Kathy
H/C   Peter Mills – Rochester Morris Dancer
H/C   Paul Warburton – Mahogany Martin

Section 4 – Projected Landscape or Seascape

The Cynthia Trophy

1st  David Weller – Chappel Flood
2nd  Chris Lawrence – Walking Down To St Emilion
3rd  Paul Murgatroyd – A Scenic View of the River Cam
H/C   Linda Paul – Enchanted Forrest
H/C   Chris Lawrence – Covent Garden

Section 5 – Projected Architecture or Architectural Feature

The Jack Wolf Trophy

1st   Chris Lawrence – St Andrew Undershaft
2nd  David Weller – The Library
3rd  Mark Stennett – Droichead Samuel Beckett
H/C  David Weller – Same Platform Different Directions
H/C   Paul Murgatroyd – Flying Over Jubilee Bridge
H/C   David Weller – Fresh Air

Section 6 – Projected Natural History

The Alf Sclater Trophy

1st  Richard Swinscoe – Godwit
2nd  Chris Lawrence – Starling
3rd  Mark Stennett – On the Lookout
H/C  Janet Harper – Bearded Tit
H/C   Phil Stepney – Hermit Crab
H/C   Andrew Kenyon – Shorties Dinner

Section 7 – Sport

Projected Sport Trophy

1st  Richard Swinscoe – Cutback
2nd  Andrew Kenyon – Cover Drive
3rd  Andrew Kenyon – Muddy Cyclist
H/C   Richard Swinscoe – 355 onto 316
H/C   Steve Rowe – Mind the Photographer

Section 8 – Projected any Subjects not in sections 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7

The George Summers Trophy

1st  Keith Simpson – Putting the Boot In
2nd  Denis Slade – Lest We Forget
3rd  Andrew Kenyon – Evening Arrival
H/C Janet Harper – A Balancing Act
H/C   Chris Lawrence – Phone Break
H/C   Andrew Kenyon – Stop Look Listen

Section 9 – Projected Panel

1st  Daniela Gibbins – Who’s There?
2nd  David Weller – Brick Lane Windows
3rd  Mark Stennett – Vive la France