29th October – Half Term

5th November – Talk

Details TBA

12th November

Members image showcase

This year will be a little different to previous years and we will be asking each attendee of the Zoom meeting to share two images and talk briefly about each of them. You can share your current favourite images, current favourite techniques or the images with the best back story. There will be an opportunity for questions and comments from other meeting attendees, so you could request constructive critique or even share images that you are not particularly happy with in the hope of receiving help and advice from other members. There is no obligation to share your images, but in organising this evening we are attempting to make our meetings more inclusive and to promote the sharing of ideas and techniques. We have a range of experience levels in the club and this is an opportunity to share, learn and possibly even collaborate.

19th November – Competition

Themed DPI Comp #1

Theme: Break/Breaking/Broken

Judge: David Portwain

Closing date: Monday 16/11/20

Open to colour or monochrome images that are taken after 23/10/20. This will be the format for the themed competition rounds for the remainder of this season, as we are encouraging people to continue using their cameras during these strange times. Four weeks should be sufficient to come up with ideas, plan and shoot the image and post process for upload to the competition entry system. Good luck.

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26th November – Competition

DPI Knockout Comp

Theme: “Red”

Closing date: Monday 23/11/20

Up to four entries per member. Entries must not have previously been entered into club competitions. Entries will be randomly selected and displayed on screen. Judging will be by a show of hands by participants in the Zoom meeting. The image with the least votes will be eliminated and the one with the most votes will proceed to the next round. This continues until we have a winning image. Good luck.

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3rd December – Competition

Colour DPI Comp #2

Judge: TBA

Closing date: Monday 30/11/20

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10th December – Talk

Details TBA

17th December – Competition

Mono DPI Comp #2

Judge: TBA

Closing date: Monday 14/12/20

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24th December


31st December