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News in Brief

Set Subjects to photograph

Street, Lane or Boulevard. Our first ever DPI knockout competition. Gritty, Urban or Pastoral Byways. Judged by Members, 16th April.

The Challenge Trophy 2015 - Night and Low-light Photography. 23rd April.

Programme of Events 2014~2015



Christmas. No meeting.



New Year. No meeting.


3rd Mono Print Competition. Judge: Marilyn Steward. ARPS, DPAGB, BPE3*, EFIAP


Photographing The Night Sky. Speaker: Nik Szymanek

How to photograph the stars. Might be useful for The Challenge Trophy - "Night and Low Light".


3rd Projected Images Competition. Judge: Rosie Pines CPAGB.

Website opens for uploading on Mon 5th Jan and closes on Sun 18th January.


Colour Management by Permajet.

All aspects of colour management with demonstrations and special deals on paper and accessories.



LCC 4th Colour Print Competition. Judge: Dave Wilcox.


Under African SKies. Speaker: Phil Shaw FRPS


Half-Term. No meeting planned. Check the website.


Essex Inter Club Competition. Judge: Daphne Hanson CPAGB, APAGB.



4th Mono Print Competition. Judge: Mike Fuller.


Windsurf Photography. Speaker: Dave White.


4th Projected Images Competition. Judge: Martin Barnard LMPA.

Website opens for uploading on Mon 2nd March and closes on Sun 15th March.


My Photography From Home To Home. Speaker: David Hall LRPS. Followed by Tabletop Practical - Bring your camera.



Easter holiday. No meeting.


Easter holiday. No meeting.


Projected Images Knockout Competition: Street, Lane or Boulevard. Judged by members.

Website opens for uploading on Mon 30th March and closes on Sun 12th April.


The Challenge Trophy: "Night and Low Light". Judge Paul RaddenLRPS, DPAGB, AFIAP. 2 prints and/or 2 DPIs.

Website opens for uploading on Mon 6th April and closes on Sun 19th April.


Annual Exhibition Print Review. Judge: Robert Good. Entry dates TBA.



Annual Exhibition DPI Review. Judge: Brian Willett LRPS. Uploading dates TBA.


Urban Exploration to fine Art: A Photographic journey. Speaker: Viveca Koh ARPS




Half-Term. No meeting. Check the website.




Workshop 30th October.

A very successful evening. We were so busy, we forgot to take a break!

A report and images link to News page



Sunday 5th October. A fantastic day was had by all. See some of the photos......


Competition Rules have been made more clear, and if you don’t like reading all the technical details, try the FAQ instead.

Link to Rules page....


All Projected Image upload dates on one sheet for you to print. This can also be found on the Digital Uploads page. Link....



Thank-you to Anne Hinton van’t Hof for organising our first successful Curry Buffet. It raised £350 for the Club. Thanks to everyone who supported it and donated prizes for the raffle; especially Westcliff Fuji, Strand Gallery Southchurch and also the Tandoori Parlour Thundersley.



LCC Webmaster Calendar for your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer.

Why type out the entire programme for next season when I have already done it for you in the Webmaster Calendar.

I have added extra notes, the Judges/Speakers websites, plus uploading dates for Projected Images. You can even set the calendar to a different colour to your normal calendar.

If I change any event in the webmaster calendar, yours is automatically updated!

The addresses you might need are in this pdf document.


Westcliff Fuji  offer a big discount to members of our Camera Club. Drop in to the shop 50 Hamlet Court Road SS0 7LX to discuss your requirements.


Link for ‘Taking Pictures in Public’...




Formed in 1929 and still going strong today with over 60 members. Our aim is to promote the art of photo imagery.

      Our evenings consist of monthly monochrome, colour and digital projected image competitions. We also enjoy entertaining and informative programmes with high quality speakers, and evenings when our own members give talks.

      Meetings are on Thursday at the  Leigh Community Centre  7.45 finishing at 10 (term time from September till May) The venue has full disabled access.

We organise...



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Panel Competition 4/12/14

Colour Print #3 Competition 11/12/14