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Specific subjects to photograph next season 2016-17:


TOWIE 20th October - Anything goes as long as it is in Essex. Prints and Projected Images.


Reflections and Architecture by November, for our Dutch Exchange Camera Club: Fotoclub de Maasstad. We would like everyone to enter some images. See more on the News page.


Panel. 8th December - A change to the rules. You can now enter up to 2 Print Panels and up to 2 DPI Panels. If you prefer to enter 1 Panel for either section, that will still be OK too.

A reminder that a PRINT Panel may consist of between 3-6 mounts. A DPI Panel must consist of one DPI containing 3 images (any more and they appear too small on the screen).


SOOC. 20th April- Straight out of camera. NOTHING to be done to the image, not even cropping. Does your camera have creative filters? Experiment!


Challenge Trophy. 27th April = UK Travel

These should be new images never shown at this club before, not even in a knockout. Please check the rules.


Monthly Competitions in the League Tables are open subjects.





E-mail received from

Southend Photographic Society

Dear Leigh Camera club members – may I cordially invite you to join us at the open evening of our 100th Annual Exhibition on

24th August from 7-10pm. Wine and nibbles will be provided for you to enjoy whilst perusing our work.

We look forward to seeing some of you and if you could let us know roughly how many (if any) will attend it will help with the catering.

Please reply to Jenni Bowers, Chairperson, Southend Photographic Society


Camera, Lights, Action evening 24th March View some images taken that evening on the News page.


Free magazines:

Photography News and the PAGB E-News.

Go to the News page and follow the links to automatically receive your monthly digital copies.

The PAGB E-News also tells you what Photographic Exhibitions are on in in our area, and can make a good day out.


LCC Webmaster Calendar for your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer. Read more....


Friends and Supporters. All offer a discount to our club. The most recent addition is the LinhofStudio in Leigh Road who specialise in Lee filters. Check the page out.


Link for ‘Taking Pictures in Public’...

Print a credit card sized information sheet to keep in your wallet ‘I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist’.





Formed in 1929 and still going strong today. Our aim is to promote the art of photo imagery.


   Our evenings consist of monthly monochrome, colour and digital projected image competitions. We also enjoy entertaining and informative programmes with high quality speakers, and evenings when our own members give talks.


   Meetings are on Thursday at the  Leigh Community Centre  7.45 finishing at 10 (term time from September till May) The venue has full disabled access.


We organise occasional day trips..........


Programme of Events 2016~2017

Download a copy of the programme:  

              Version 2



My Portfolio This has been brought forward a week due to unforeseen health problems with our original guest speaker.

Speakers: Members of our Club whose images were sent to Maasstad Photo Club. Plus individual comments received from the Dutch Club.

Hopefully we will hear from:-

Anne, Chris L, David H, Gerry, Janet, Jill, Keith, Linda, Michelle, Phil, Richard, Stuart, Theo, Tony E.


10 Years Printing to Distinction.

Speaker: Paul Adams.

Thanks to Paul for stepping in at such short notice.


1st Colour Print Competition

Judge: John Woolliams


Looking Local

Speaker: Chris Shepherd


1st Mono Print Competition

Judge: John Wrigley



Lee Filters

Introduction to the Lee Filter system.

Speakers: Jon Cuff Web link


1st Projected Images Competition

Judge: Phil Rickets

Website opens to upload on Monday 26th Sept and closes on Sunday 9th October.


TOWIE Anything goes as long as it is in Essex. Up to 4 digital images and up to 4 Prints.

Judged by Members

Website is open to upload up to 4 images on Mon 3rd October and closes on Sunday 16th October.


Half-Term. No meeting.



2nd Colour Print Competition

Judge: David Portwain


Practical Evening.


2nd Mono Print Competition

Judge: Roy Essery


Creative Photography

Speaker: Barbie Lindsay



2nd Projected Images Competition

Judge: Martin Barnard


Panel Competition - Jodie Hughes Award

Panel of 3-6 Prints or 3 images in a single Projection. Change of rules, you can now enter up to 2 Print Panels and/or up to 2 DPI’s. The scores are NOT accumulative.


3rd Colour Print Competition

Judge: Colin Strong







Fotoclub de Maasstad Challenge

Viewing and rating our Dutch friends images - Weather and Nature.

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