Internal Competition Calendar 2023-2024

Entries should be uploaded to PhotoEntry by the Monday before the competition.
Please note that images entered into PDI are not eligible for the Colour or Mono Print competitions.

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Competition #1#2#3#4
PDI12-Oct-2314-Dec-23 08-Feb-2409-May-24
Internal / Other

Internal Competition Results Tables 2023-2024

Darren Johnston35370072
David Hall, LRPS36350071
Phil Stepney31380069
Steve Rowe, LRPS31370068
Tracey Lane
Gareth Evans30340064
Janet Harper27370064
Grace Stinson27350062
Sue Pritchard18390057
Karen Gianville27180045
Linda Paul3600036
Paul Overall3400034
Jonathan Grosvenor0340034
Mark Stennett3200032
Tony Riebold0320032
Phil Stepney33380071
Darren Johnston33360069
David Hall, LRPS33340067
Janet Harper32330065
Tracey Lane29350064
Steve Rowe, LRPS28340052
Karen Gianville26170043
Sue Pritchard0370037
Linda Paul
Paul Overall2500025
Grace Stinson2400024
Annie Figg3638330107
Richard Swinscoe, LRPS3439340107
Mark Stennett3734350106
Nick Godfrey3437340105
Sue Pritchard3434370105
Janet Harper3533350103
David Hall, LRPS3337320102
Phil Stepney3535310101
Tracey Lane3634310101
Paul Overall3235330100
Darren Johnston323630098
Gareth Evans303333096
Linda Paul313133095
Pam Weston283034092
Jonathan Grosvenor303130091
Grace Stinson353117083
Steve Rowe, LRPS34320066
Martin Leonard28330061
Karen Glanville0340034
Paul Murgatroyd0330033
Keith Fenton3000030
Graham Renshaw0036036
Hazel White0032032
Tony Riebold0030030