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The Steam Train was on Time!    Report by Linda Paul
The  C2C line was host to a vintage steam train Saturday morning and a group of us went to Hadleigh to try to capture a good shot as it hurtled by. And hurtle it did.  We stood by the track, on the safe side of the fencing, and the ground shook as it passed by.

There was a good turn out from Leigh Camera Club and we passed a few other photographers busily trying to assess a good position to get that one chance of a shot.

Trains are not my thing but I managed a pretty good first attempt.  This was my first outing with my new camera – the Panasonic G9. It boasts a very fast FPS (frames per second) with continuous shooting and excellent fast focusing to go with it.  So would a train be the best test for this?  I thought an early start worth it to find out.

At this point I have to reveal that one member of our little group also invested in an early start to grab that elusive shot but was not so lucky!   
Step forward Phil Stepney.  As we passed a number of photographers there was a whisper that it would probably be running late, 08.10 hrs being the likely time. We had plenty of time and walked some distance through the marshy low-lying fields to one of the crossing points that was unlocked.  We casually chose our places with no great fuss and chatted amongst ourselves, nobody really checking on the time.  I glanced along the track and just before 8 o’ clock I could see steam in the distance.  I called out that it was heading towards us and we just about had time to raise our cameras and start shooting.

Phil had chosen to be on the seaward facing side of the track and had walked some distance away and found himself unprepared and with his back to the train, lucky to just watch in amazement as it steamed past!  He has a record of the event but sadly just recorded in his mind and not on his camera!

It was a good outing and we retired to a Greek owned cafe in Hadleigh for breakfasts all round.

Thanks Paul Warburton for organising.

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