Monthly & Challenge Trophy Rules

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Annual Competition Rules

Club Constitution Rules

Monthly & Challenge Trophy Rules


Details of scheduled competitions are included in the Programme published on the Club’s website before the start of the season.

Competitions are only open to fully paid-up Club members. No separate entry fees are payable as these are included in the annual subscription.

Any entry into Club competitions, and the Exhibition, must be wholly the work of the member submitting it.

Prints may be home or trade printed. Projected Digital Images (PDI) may be produced by whatever means is able to produce files of the required specification.

There are generally no constraints on the amount of work that can be performed on an image using imaging software or additional components which make such software easier to use. However all elements of an image must still be the work of the member submitting the entry.

There are restrictions on image manipulation for the Nature sections in the Annual Competitions (and external competitions). See the Nature definition below.

The competition scorer will advise the time limits and method of notifying print entries and their titles. The scorer will issue a reminder by email before each competition. Members not contactable by email must discuss alternative arrangements with the scorer.

The procedures for entering PDI competitions and specifications for the digital files are described on the Club’s website. Entry is only permissible through the website.

Monthly Competitions

Members will compete in either the Beginners or Advanced classes.

There are 12 Monthly competitions comprising four rounds each of Colour Print, Monochrome Print and PDI each season. PDI may be colour or monochrome.

Two images may be entered in each round. The marks awarded by the judge are totalled to determine a winner in both Beginners and Advanced classes. Shields are presented for Beginners and Advanced at the end of the season for each class – Colour Print, Monochrome Print and PDI – to the members achieving the highest total score over the four rounds. There is a shield for Beginners and Advanced in each class.

In the event of a tie for either a single round or for the shields the winner will be decided by a count back to the highest marks awarded to qualifying images.

The Monthly Competitions are open, that is there are no set themes or subjects.

Monthly Competition Classes

New members will start in the Beginners class. Success at another club or holding nationally recognised photographic awards or distinctions, for example through PAGB, RPS, BPE etc would allow for direct entry to Advanced at the Committee’s discretion.

Progression from Beginner to Advanced follows winning or being highly placed in a competition class. The numbers to be advanced will be decided by the Committee depending on how many members competed in each class. Progression is also obtained through a first placing in a corresponding section of the Annual Competition.

Members may appeal to the Committee if they feel that are competing in an inappropriate class.

Monthly Competition Image Entry Requirements

Images are initially allowed to be entered only once. If a score of 7.5 (out of 10) or below has been awarded the image may be entered once more. This allows for further editing or to seek a different view from another judge.

Images previously entered in other Club competitions such as the Annual Competition or Challenge Trophy are eligible.

No image may be entered if it is so similar as to be mistaken for one entered by that member in the current or previous seasons. This restriction applies equally to recrops, conversions from colour to mono or conversions between PDI and print except for re-entries under the “7.5 and below” rule.

The Annual Competition

The Annual Competition (formerly known as the Annual Exhibition) comprises set categories for PDI, colour and monochrome prints. A schedule showing the categories, associated rules and deadlines will be notified to members each season.

Trophies will be awarded to the winners in each category. It is the responsibility of the trophy holder to return it, cleaned if necessary, when requested to do so, normally a few weeks before the subsequent Annual Competition.

The Challenge Trophy

The theme or subject for the Challenge Trophy is selected at the end of the preceding season and applies to both the Arlington Challenge Trophy for prints and the Lawson Challenge Trophy for PDI. The chosen theme may or may not preclude a colour or monochrome treatment.

The competition is designed to highlight new work so no entry will be accepted if it has already appeared in any Club competition.

Members compete on an equal footing; there is no separation of Beginner and Advanced.

The winners are decided on a cumulative score over two images. In case of a tie the Trophy holder is determined by a count back or judge’s decision if still not resolved. However all members tied with the winning score will be recorded as having a share in the victory.

The trophies will be held until the following Challenge Trophy competition. It is the holder’s responsibility to arrange to have their name – and that of anyone tied on the same score – engraved on the shield. The expense may be reclaimed from the Club Treasurer.

Print Sizes

The following applies to all Club competitions.

The minimum print size is 20cm x 15cm or 300 square centimetres. The maximum size is 50cm x 40cm including mount. Prints (with mount) must be 50cm x 40cm if they are to be selected for external competitions.

Backing boards should preferably be full sized and smooth to prevent damage in transit or when stacked. If the backing board is smaller than the front, protect the edges and corners with tape. Guidance on print mounting may be obtained from the Committee.

Each entry must bear the print title and name of the entrant at the top left on the reverse side.

Competition Judging

It is intended that the Monthly, Annual and Challenge Trophy competitions will have an external, qualified judge. When this is not possible, for example in the case of short-notice withdrawal or illness, the responsible Committee member will decide on a postponement, cancellation or deriving scores by some other means on the night.

Judges’ marks and decisions are final.

Definition of Monochrome

This applies to all Club (and external) competitions.

Monochrome is a black and white image or one which has been modified by the addition of a single tone to the entire image. A black and white image which has been modified by the addition of partial toning or by the addition of one colour to any part of the image is a colour image.

Definition of Nature

This definition of Nature applies only to the Nature category in the Annual Competition (and certain external competitions). The amount and type of digital manipulation allowed is strictly limited.

As published by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) to which the Club is affiliated:

“Images entered in Nature sections meeting the Nature Photography Definition above can have landscapes, geologic formations, weather phenomena, and extant organisms as the primary subject matter. This includes images taken with the subjects in controlled conditions, such as zoos, game farms, botanical gardens, aquariums and any enclosure where the subjects are totally dependent on man for food.”


Annual Competition Revised Classes With Effect From the 2019/20 Competition

Supreme Awards

Best Monochrome print
Best Colour Print
Best Projected Image
Best Portrait – Print
Best Portrait- Projected

Beginner of the Year – based on results over all the Monthly competitions. Committee decision in the event of a tie taking into consideration contribution to other competitions during the season.

Judge’s Choice – Environmental Impact – Print*

Judge’s Choice – Environmental Impact – Projected*

*Previously the Scoop Picture trophy which was for photojournalistic images. Now an image chosen from any class which shows man’s impact on the environment, either positive or negative. Current concerns on climate change will be a driver as will be the green agenda.

Print – Mono or Colour AND Projected

All classes may contain colour or mono presentations. Maximum 4 mono and 4 colour in each class (except panel)

  1. Portrait – Portrait or figure study where the photographer directs the model and may have influence over costume, make up, location or background.
  2. Street – Urban or rural locations. Includes candid portraits.
  3. Land, Sea or Cityscape – Features the natural or built environment. Figures may be present to add scale or focus attention but must not be the principal subject or storyline
  4. Architecture or Architectural Feature – The art and craft of man-made constructions in whole or part.
  5. Sport or Action – Any sporting activity or non-sporting activity involving action such as dance.
  6. Nature – EAF Definition: As well as wild animals, entries can have geologic formations and weather phenomena as the primary subject matter. Subjects CAN be in controlled conditions such as zoos, game farms, botanical gardens, aquariums and any other enclosure where the subjects are entirely dependant on man to survive are. No pets.
  7. Days Out – Images taken on any of the Club’s organised events during the current season. These may be the days out or practical evenings
  8. Any not in the above – Images will not be accepted in this class which belong in one of the above. This is the home, for example, for heavily manipulated, composite or creative work
  9. Panel – Panel of three prints. PDI is a triptych i.e. three images arranged in a single frame. Maximum 4 panels print and 4 panels projected.


Leigh-on-Sea Camera Club Annual Competition Rules Effective 2019/20 Season

Entry Rules

  1. A maximum of FOUR colour and FOUR mono images may be entered in any of Print classes 1 to 8. A maximum of FOUR images may be entered in any of the Projected classes 1 to 8. A maximum of Four print panels and a maximum of FOUR projected panels may be entered in class 9.
  2. Acceptance dates and the process for submitting entries will be advised on the Club web site.
  3. Images entered in any previous Annual Competition cannot be entered again. Images previously entered in monthly competitions are all eligible, whether winners or not.
  4. Projected images previously entered in a monthly competition may be entered as a print, but not in a projected class at the same time. Prints previously entered into a monthly competition may be entered as a projected image but not in a print class at the same time.
  5. Images may not be entered in colour and mono renderings at the same time in print or projected classes (except Panel).
  6. Projected images must be viewable on a computer screen and conform to the Club’s published specification currently maximum 1400 x 1050 pixels sRGB colour profile.
  7. Entries are accepted at the Club Committee’s discretion.
  8. For protection during transport prints should be in 50cmx40cm mounts with backing boards. No print will be accepted if in the view of the Committee it would damage other members’ work during transit.
  9. Members are responsible for the recovery of their work after the Competition.
  10. Guidance for each of the classes, including a summary of the EAF Nature definition, is in the list of competition classes.
  11. Photographs of animals are not eligible in class 1 Portrait.
  12. Entries are not eligible in class 8 where the main focus is such that they fall to classes 1-7.
  13. Trophies are the property of the Club and must be returned by the end of March in the year following the presentation.


Leigh-on-Sea Camera Club Club Rules v4 (30/05/2019)

  1. The Club shall be known as the Leigh-on-Sea Camera Club.
  2. Membership of the Club shall imply an undertaking to abide by these Rules and to take no action relating to photography or any Club activities which would bring the Club in to disrepute. Failure to observe these Rules may result in a member being suspended or expelled.
    1. Subscriptions shall be fixed at the AGM and printed on the current syllabus and shall be payable by existing members at the first meeting of every Club season. Any member failing to pay their subscriptions by 31st December of the same season shall cease to be a member.
    2. The weekly meeting fee shall also be fixed at the AGM but where required may be altered by the Executive Committee where considered necessary to allow for exceptional circumstances. The fee will be due in full by all members attending on any one evening – the club will accept payment in two equal parts.
    1. The committee are responsible for ensuring that membership numbers (including visitors) do not exceed the maximum occupancy of the meeting place and do not hinder the enjoyment of other members within the meeting place.
    2. To ensure para 4a above is complied with, the Committee will hold a membership waiting list.
    3. Prospective new members shall make their application for membership on the prescribed form for consideration by the Committee. The Club Secretary will advise applicants when a membership opportunity arises.
    4. New members shall confirm their acceptance and pay the subscription fee within one month of a membership offer from the Committee.
  3. Guests of members (other than those specifically invited) will be asked to pay the Visitor fee pertaining at the time of their visit.
  4. Potential members shall be allowed to attend the Club meetings for three (3) consecutive weeks (or as agreed by the Committee) paying only the weekly fee pertaining at the time of their visit after which they will be expected to apply for full membership or cease attendance.
  5. The Offices of the Club shall consist of the Chairman ; Vice Chairman ; Secretary and Treasurer. The names of all candidates shall be notified to the Secretary before the AGM and shall be notified to the membership 7 days before the AGM.
  6. The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee composed of the Officers and up to 9 other members. Such Committee having the powers to co-opt additional members as circumstances require. All Officers and members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election each season at the AGM.
  7. A quorum of the Committee shall consist of 5 members thereof and 14 days notice shall be given to members of the Committee of any committee meeting. At Annual and Special General Meetings a quorum shall consist of 25% of the Club membership.
    1. The Committee shall have control of the finance of the Club and shall have power to make, alter or annul regulations as they may think fit for carrying out the object of the Club.
    2. The Secretary shall make Minutes of all proceedings and shall manage the affairs of the Club generally subject to the directions of the Committee.
    3. All monies shall be deposited in the name of the Club at a banking establishment as agreed with the Committee. All cheques for payment of funds out of the Club shall be signed by the Treasurer and counter signed by one of the other Officers or members of the Committee.
    4. Special Committee meetings may be convened by a requisition signed by at least 25% of the Committee membership stating the object and reason for the request and sent to the Secretary 14 days before the proposed date.
  8. No member shall remove any Club property without first obtaining permission of one of the Officers of the Club. Should permission be granted any loss shall be borne by the member to whom the property was loaned.
  9. A member may be expelled and asked by letter to leave the Club at the Committee’s discretion. Any member thus expelled shall have the right to appeal within 14 day of the date of such letter at a Special General Meeting called by the Secretary for the purpose. All Committee Meetings and Special General Meetings so called under this Rule shall be treated as privileged and confidential information.
  10. An AGM of the Club shall be held in April or May of each year at such time and place as may be determined by the Committee when the report of the Committee and Account for the previous year will be presented.
  11. Whenever in these Rules the context shall so require words importing the singular shall include the plural, and words importing the masculine shall include the feminine gender.
  12. The Club will maintain a Data Protection Policy in accordance with prevailing Data Protection requirements.
  13. The Club will maintain a Vulnerable Persons Protection Policy in accordance with PAGB guidance.
  14. These Rules may be altered by any Annual General Meeting, or Extra-ordinary Meeting convened for that purpose, for which similar notice shall be given as for an Annual General Meeting